You shouldn't let it burn...

I think we need to talk more about BURNOUT. This happens when we run our bodies and minds like a machine or a robot. It might be that we are busy, super stressed or just not recognising that we are important too. We deserve as much care, attention and love as those around us.

We need to make sure that we are hopping over into self regulation mode and doing lots of self care when we can feel our triggers coming to the surface. For me it's when I feel irritable, not able to concentrate or excessively tired. These are all symptoms that if I ignore could lead to burnout, or a downward spiral to becoming out of control and having to take more severe measures to feel well again, like long term counselling or taking time off sick from work.

When we are stressed our immune system is lowered, so we are more likely to get ill and we are less able to cope with even the tiniest added stress. Like spilling some coffee or someone cutting you up on the road, results in us exploding.

BUT if we don't ignore our bodies and mind telling us to slow down and simply acknowledge that today I'm going to hop over into self care island and do as much as I can to get back on track then it will result in you being more able to cope with everything.

Work out what you works for you, so it's not everyones bag to have a steaming hot bath, or read a book. It might be more up your street to have a dance in the kitchen or take the time to make a nutritious meal. YOU ARE WORTH THIS TIME OVER ON SELF CARE ISLAND. Thos around you will feel the ripple effect, and you are teaching little eyes and ears that they must lead by example. You are only human.