Thoughts become things...

When we are feeling low, depressed or anxious we easily get dragged into the negative talk, negative thoughts and negative actions. Which then acts as a merry-go- round that is difficult to get off. 🎡
BUT the main thing is to recognise that we can break this cycle, even in our darkest hour with the duvet over our heads, frozen...there is lots we CAN do. It's important to recognise that the more often than not, the thoughts that are ruminating around our brains, are just thoughts, they aren't facts. For example; thinking that you aren't good enough because you have had a lie in and missed your first meeting, then you get a churning feeling in your stomach about letting that other person down, that makes you pull the duvet even more over your head and not get out of bed for the rest of the day.🛌
BUT instead if we rationalise, call a positive person, tell Sandra to Fuck off, and remember that actually you are bloody knackered because your over worked and need a break. BE KIND TO YOURSELF 💚it was ONE meeting, that can be rearranged. But you can remember how awful you will feel by staying in bed all day, and using that to get you to your second meeting. OR saying, actually I'm feeling awful today, I need to cancel all the rest of my meetings and go for a walk or work from home in pjs and pants, 🙈whilst watching 'Olivia and Alex Said Yes', then give yourself the love, attention and permission to do this. 
You're only human and not a robot, 🤖those thoughts aren't serving you well and they are ruining your day. Break through that initial barrier and carry on being bad ass.💪🏻💚