Yes you can.

Yes you can// I wanted to approach a subject of mental health and being proactive. This is a difficult subject for me to approach as it is a major trigger point for me. I am naturally a solution finder and want to always be moving forward.

When I was diagnosed with PND I felt someone had pressed the off button to this proactive part of my character. BUT I realised that I was still moving forward or sometimes staying still. It's just that the goal posts had been moved for what I was achieving. So making it to an appointment, going outside and managing one thing on my to do list was a huge achievement for me. More than anything I achieve most days now in comparison.

I knew I had to keep moving forward, finding new resilience tools, making changes and being self aware of my depression and the impact it had on those close to me. Which was my main drive to push myself out of my comfort zone and keep putting one foot in front of another.

I know this may seem like an impossible task when you are in a dark whole, but you can acknowledge that your 'best' has changed and celebrate the small but HUGE things you have done each day. Focusing on what you can do.

I know, and have met, people that are stuck in their mental health, and it has become so all encompassing and allowed this to define themselves, and even as a way of excusing certain behaviours and actions that they take. Finally, using it as a tool to self sabotage moving forward.

I know this sounds like such a harsh post, but I wanted others to look around them, follow people on these squares that are going through the same, that will inspire them to keep going forward.

'Grow through what you go through.' Don't let mental health engulf your life make it something that makes you a more bad ass person. Or gives you the inspiration to write a book like the amazing @fionaikestoblog. If Fi hadn't have had depression and anxiety she wouldn't have written the amazing book Depression in a Digital Age.