Rumination nation.

Rumination nation// I wanted to talk about rumination and those nasty thoughts that race around your head, and that at times it seems impossible to stop. But they have a huge impact on our mood, really bring us down and often ruin our day. I wanted to discuss this and talk about the ways that we can tackle rumination. The most important point to practice is realising that you are rumination. Also the acceptance that you are in control of these thoughts and feelings, and that you can bring yourself peace.

Here are some tips about rumination.

Talk to someone. Talking to someone about these horrid thoughts and inner dialogue can help you dissect and untangle the thoughts. Often the simple act of sharing these thoughts can stop them, which takes me onto the next tip.

Positive people. Make sure you have at least one person in your life that will listen to these worries and 'poisoned parrot' words, but most importantly this person will lift you and validate those thoughts. Sometimes there isn't always a solution, but having someone to say, 'that's ok to think that and/ or those thoughts aren't true because...'

Name your inner critic. By naming this bully and inner critic we are acknowledging that this person isn't truthful, and like a bully, when we stand up to them, this often stops them. It also brings in humour and the realisation of rumination and then telling our inner critic to fuck off, or go way does the trick. Mine is called Sandra and I tell her to fuck off most days. Just a note that it can't be someone that you know, and ex etc, it has to be a name that you have no connection with.

Realisation and action. If we find ourselves ruminating then then something powerful that you can do, is simply get up, or stop what you're doing and do something else. Take action. What will make me feel better? Going for a brisk walk, asking someone for a cuddle, writing these thoughts down? This isn't easy on your low days but even just physically getting up out of your seat and telling Sandra to fuck off will make a difference.

Evidence list. Finally, another tool is having a list of things that you are good at, people that love you, your biggest achievements and then put them somewhere so that when you are engulfed in rumination you have this evidence list. Write this list and add to it when you are feeling good.