Your potential is endless.

You have endless potential// Potential always felt like an insult when I was younger. "You have great potential, room for improvement, good but not quite good enough." Sounds like something Sandra would definitely say (my inner critic).

As we roll into the first official day of back to school/ work and normality, for most of us, I wanted us to embrace and accept our potential as being endless, not something that we reach. Rather than making bullshit new year's resolutions, we could take this time to plan, recoup and reset ourselves for the year ahead. I feel that making the grand gestures of NY resolutions means that we are setting ourselves up to fail. But what I have realised is that my potential, resilience and ambition are what is important. This is such a reflective time of year, but I like to choose other times of the year to do this aswell. By seasons, by the moon, by a certain date you'd like, whatever feels best for you. But don't just leave it a whole year before you realise that you can achieve lots, and also to look back on what you have done already. Plus 12 months is a long time to check in with yourselves to accept or acknowledge that you need a few changes in your life. You are worthy or happiness, health and love. So let's keep this potential rolling and I'm going to set some goals, check in with myself and vision board all through this year. My mantra that will live long into February will be 'I have endless potential, that knows no bounds.' NOW SAY IT WITH ME!

I'd love to know some of the things that you are determined to do over the next few days/weeks/months and year?