Self love super power.

I KNOW that self love is being forced down our throats, and I also know how difficult it is. 
Sometimes, to do all the things you need to, to not drift into an out of control, fight or flight mode, is much easier and takes up less time and energy that constantly loving yourself. 
Constantly checking in with yourself, doing the things that you love and stopping that self sabotage (fuck off Sandra). Being proactive takes way more organising and effort, little things like if you have a busy of stressful week, making sure that you cook nutritious meals, fit in yoga and talk to a friend, is a lot more taxing that we give ourselves credit for. Being self aware, can also bring with it guilt and realisations that you were a dick and could've done better.
Self love is hard, consistent and constant work. It is a lifetime commitment to making sure that we are happy and healthy. It is leading the way for our children and teaching them that we are all important, and we are all worthy of love, happiness, care and attention. 
There are so many great things happening out there where we can feel good about showing ourselves kindness and acknowledging that we are a total super hero for keeping on with the rewarding slog that is self love.