Affirmation cards are an amazing resilience tool. They are a small but mighty habit to adopt that will change your mindset, rewire your brain and get you change your thought pattern. WTF right?

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are different from quotes. For me they allowed me to put things into perspective, take a minute, be mindful. They are a tool that I can always whip out when I need it the most and when Sandra (my negative inner voice) sneaks out. They are affirming that you CAN do something, a reminder for the power of positivity to rule your day, over negative self talk.

The more that we say these affirmations and practice the daily habit of reading and saying affirmations the more likely we are to affirm, to believe and to gain a more positive attitude to our day.

Sounds to good to be true, or too simple to work…

I am naturally a pessimistic person, I seek out the negatives in situations and my negative thoughts take over my brain. I know I’m not alone here, but it does feel like you are alone in these ruminating thoughts and feelings when it appears that everyone else is sharing their happy and positive lives on insta. AND no one likes to be negative Nelly, or Debbie downer. It seemed that it was only when I hit rock bottom that I knew I wanted a resilience tool to deal with this negative self talk.

How it all began…

When I had depression my best friend bought me a card that said ‘you are stronger than you think and braver than you feel.’ I used to resight this to myself every morning, and then throughout the day when I was struggling. It had such a profound impact on my daily life that I started to seek out other affirmations that I loved, and even quotes that I would then mould into an affirmation. Don’t get me wrong, I found some affirmations very cheesy and unrealistic, especially when I had depression, but I still could feel the inner strength they were giving me. So I wanted to be able to comforted, reassured and felt understood by the affirmations that I was creating and reading. I also created the I Can Cards with people who truly understood the subjects such as anxiety, depression and single parents. This, for me, made the affirmations feel even more powerful. I think they even have a little super power attached to them. But I do love affirmations more than most!

Affirmation super powers…

Positive focused mindset

The affirmation cards are concise and to the point. Enabling you to quickly focus and recoup after any negative thoughts.

Boost confidence/ self esteem

It is a really powerful tool positivity. It gets you feeling good about yourself and the habit of daily affirmation cards feels like you are really investing in yourself, and that you are worthy of that!

More self belief

You can fake it until you make it to begin with, but after a while you will find yourself believing the affirmations. The ripple effect is that you start believing in yourself and how bad ass you really are.

Check in with yourself

What does this affirmation mean to me today? It might be that the meaning of the affirmation for you on the day, and person to person may change. That’s the beauty of affirmations.

Self care tool

Affirmation cards remind you to take some time, to regulate your emotions and to look after yourself.


In that moment with the affirmation words, taking 5 minutes tor read the card and absorb what it means in that moment.

Mantra for the day

That you can call upon at any moment of the day. That you can carry around with you, say out loud or repeat in your head.

How to use affirmation cards?

Morning rituals

I keep mine by the kettle, because this is the first thing I reach for in the morning, so also reaching for an affirmation card. But you can slot it into your morning routine anywhere.

In a stressful moment

You can carry around your affirmations or call on them when you can feel stress or any negative emotions rising.

For a moment of calm

It might be during meditation or yoga practice that you red an affirmation card to then repeat during practice. Or just whilst having a calm few minutes with a (hopefully) hot cuppa.

Regain focus

I like to use affirmation cards when I feel overwhelmed or have a very ‘busy’ head. It helps me to refocus and settle my thoughts again.

For mental health

I really promote using I Can Cards when you have mental health. Especially as there are specific boxes designed by people who truly understand. For me, when I had depression, affirmation cards was something that could guide me to believe in positivity, even though it was really hard.

Use at work

You can use affirmations at work, or simply pop them up in the kitchen communal areas to boost moral and offer motivation and comfort to staff. They can also be used in team meetings etc.

With children

My children love affirmation cards, as they are quick and easy to understand and it gives you as a parent a few moments to check in with yours child and discuss with them what ever affirmation card that they have pulled out for that day.

These are just my thoughts and ideas around affirmation cards, I’d love to know how you use them or your thoughts on them also. Feel free to leave a comment and start a conversation around this.