Essential Oils for Mental Health

I know lots of people roll their eyes at essential oils and it’s extremely powerful properties, but I wanted to shout it from the roof tops about how it can be used in daily rituals and as an amazing resilience tool for all sorts of things, including mental health such as depression and anxiety.

The one thing that I have learnt is that essential oils are personal to you and your mood for that day. These are some tried and tested essential oils for mental health, but there also may be some that you love and swear by. Please feel free to leave your favs in the comments.

My top 4 essential oils for mental health.


This is a fairly widely used and known about essential oils, but I love it. It makes my eyes roll into the back of my head and I could sniff it all day long. It is also great for promoting sleep and bringing some zen to your life.

Properties: Calming, soothing, peaceful and relaxing.

Helps with: Anxiety, depression, sleep, restlessness and emotional distress.

Ylang Ylang

This essential oil is actually pronounced eelang eelang. It is a bit of a marmite smell. Some people think it’s dreamy (including me) whilst others have said that it smells of wee! It smells very unique and is really uplifting. I instantly feel brighter when I smell this. It also has some real magical properties like banishing those inner critic thoughts, and gives you a bit of sass. I can’t get enough of Ylang Ylang.

Properties: Mood lifting, induces joy and hope.

Helps with: Self confidence, alleviates stress, lowers blood pressure and reduces negative thoughts like jealousy.

Sweet Orange

This essential oil is the oil of abundance and is really nostalgic for me. It reminds me of summer days and feeling happy. It is a great one for the morning to energise and reboot. When I smell this I do the same sigh that you do when you’re on a beach on holiday and you are feeling relaxed.

Properties: Energising, happy and relaxed feeling.

Helps with: Depression, anxiety, reduces pulse rate and it is a mood lifter


This is the ultimate self care scent to me. It feels really luxurious and opulent. Even just writing this reminds me of the scent and makes me smile and unwind. It is great one for anxiety and to calm the nerves. I also love that it has a bit of an added boost of strength.

Properties:Relaxing calming, strengthening, tonic for nerves and calming.

Helps with: Depression, sleep, relieves stress and anxiety

So now we know about these essential oils, and all their glorious functions, how do we use them (apart from sniffing straight from the bottle like an addict?


You can pick up a diffuser that glows different colours or simply diffuses your chosen scent or blend and it can really change the mood of a room. You can change the scents depending on the time of day, so more energising oils for the morning, and more relaxing oils for the evening. You add a few drops to every 100ml of water.


These are such a great way of experimenting with your fav scents and you can look out for these on sale or even have a go at making your own candles at home.

Roller Balls

This is one of my favourite ways to use essential oils and a great resilience tool to have on you at all times and use out and about. I basically use I Can Breathe roller ball as a perfume! You apply to your pressure points which include:

Neck, forehead, under ear, ankles, backs of knees, forehead or inner elbow.

I love that we can pop this in our resilience tool box as a useful skill to use when we are struggling with our mental health, or as a coping mechanism. Give it a try, you’d be surprised of the outcome.

Always consult with a doctor first and especially when pregnant, before using essential oils.