Positive Morning Routines.

I used to open my eyes in the morning, usually, almost always because a small person was jumping on me, then reach for my phone, then have a rush of anxiety and dread for the day. Then I’d make breakfasts and drinks for everyone else, leaving myself out, and then run myself ragged until the school run was done and wonder why I collapsed in a heap on the sofa or at my desk at work by 10am. I needed to make some changes, so I started to change my morning.

I noticed a difference in my mood, productivity and be able to get my engine going in the mornings.

I also find that i am aware of how I am that day and I am able to adjust my day accordingly. So if I’m tired or sad I might need to get outside. If I’m motivated I might add a few more things to my to do list.

So now this is my morning routine, and don’t get me wrong, some days I don’t stick to it, in particular not reaching for my phone, as a single parent sometimes this is my lifeline to speaking to other adults. So I might just check Whatsapp, and not beat myself up about that. This routine takes 15 minutes and I also get my children involved.

1- Wake up, still by a small person jumping on me.

2- Get up and open my blinds.

3- Then get back into bed for 5 minutes, and so do the little people. I take some nice deep breathes and we have a chat about what day it is and what sounds we can hear, what we dreamt about, what we’ll have for breakfast and what the day has install for us.

4- We then get up and I head straight to the kettle. Make a cuppa and if I’m feeling really fancy I do a hot water and lemon slice.

5- Read an I Can Card which is next to the kettle. Take the time to absorb that and check in with myself.

6- Make breakfast and drinks for everyone else, including myself. This can all be done whilst the kettle is boiling.

7- Have a glance at my to do lists, I have a weekly planner and a daily planner. Which includes bullshit things like to remember to make a hat out of leaves for a child for school that day.

Then I get on with the usual, unloading of dishwasher, getting clothes ready and showering etc.

This all takes a small amount of time and I always feel better for following this, I am like a zombie robot in the morning that follows this routine now.

Here are a few additions that you can add on, or use instead. Find out what works for you and what will set you up for the day ahead. Which can be overwhelming and daunting.

  • Take 5 minutes somewhere in the morning to be mindful

  • Don’t check your phone straight away

  • Turn some motivational music on

  • Check in with your emotional weather (relate how your feeling to a weather condition, sunny for happy, cloudy for confused, thundery for angry etc.

  • Read a few pages of a book you love, maybe even self help

I’m hoping this has given some food for thought about how you start you day, and I would love to hear things that you do in the morning to make to get your day off to a good start.