How to Stay Grounded When You're Feeling Anxious

What is grounding?

Grounding yourself is basically connecting to the present moment. We often have a scattered mind, becoming forgetful, become anxious, feel overwhelmed and let our thoughts overtake us. I like to think of it as a snow globe that when we shake the snow globe there is a lot going on, it seems hectic. Grounding gives us that time for the snow to settle, or for our thoughts to settle so that we are calmer, more present and can hit reset on these anxious feelings.

It is tuning into and focusing on to our five senses smell, hear, touch, feel, see. Just noticing, without judgement things around us, as well as feeling more connected to nature and outdoors.

The more grounded, and the more you practice grounding, the more rooted you will become. Therefore, when something comes along that shakes up your ‘snow globe mind’ again, it will mean that you are better equipped for it to settle faster.

How do you practice grounding?

For me grounding is being outside, although in the list below I have included lots that you can do inside. These are my personal favourite techniques but they are very individual, the same as exercise and self care is. it is also great to have lots of grounding techniques in your back pocket so that you can work out what will work for you to bring you back down to earth and not be so ‘in your head’.

Start by:

  • Putting your phone away

  • Stepping outside

  • Taking deep breathes

  • Unclench your jaw

  • Just notice your surroundings, birds singing, smells around you, flowers etc that you can see

  • Letting any thoughts pass without judgement

  • Repeat ‘I am in this moment’

Then you can practice these:

  • Walk on grass bare foot

  • Feel the rain on your face

  • Feel the ground underneath you as you are walking (you can put your shoes on if it’s just popping to the shops or doing the school run)

  • Do some gardening

  • Pick blackberries

  • Have a long walk in a forest

  • Climb a tree

  • Throw some stones into the sea, paying attention to the feel of the stones, the noise the splash makes

  • Take a moment to stop if you see any nature, a lady bird, an ant, a seagull, a tiger (although you may want to run if you see a tiger)

  • Pick some flowers, some nice sticks, some pine cones

  • Take the time to tune in and listen to whatever is going on, birds singing, children speaking (usually shit) some distant traffic even.

    Inside grounding:

    Then if it’s too wet or cold to go outside, or your in work and your Manager and the rest of your team would think that you’ve lost the plot if you bring in some sticks from your lunch break barefoot then you can do these:

  • Splash cold water on your face

  • Hot cup of tea, concentrate on every mouthful

  • Body scan, scan your body and simply notice any aches and pains

  • Spot 3 things around you for each sense.

  • Water some plants

  • Light a candle and enjoy the scent

Grounding is a very practical way of remembering to take 5 minutes or a whole day to reconnect without technology or a messy mind. Do you have any thoughts or comments on grounding??