You are exactly where you need to be.

When you see other people doing well and succeeding it is only natural to think, why does that never happen for me? When a relationship breaks down you then you suddenly see everyone being loved up and it being shoved down your throat how in love Susan that lives next door is. When we are struggling with our mental health and we see other people easily doing the same life as you. Easily managing their children, career, relationships, health and all with a macha latte and vegan diet.

But they aren't you, that isn't your path and we have to trust in the process. The truth is the more that we accept, that where we are now is enough and where we need to be, the less we will look at other people's life and feel envious or sad about our own lives.

I promise you that there will be a Mum on the school run, someone at work, a neighbour, or a stranger that catches you on a good day and in a good day and feels exactly the same way about you. Why does that person always have their shit together? As a single parent I have people in marriages saying that they are unhappy, how they don't know how I do everything as a single parent, and I wish that they could see what goes on behind closed doors.

If we look at our journey as a whole we will see that we have come along way, something that we deal with ease today we may have struggled a year ago. We can take one day at a time rather than being a slave to high expectations of looking from the outside in, on someone else's life. This journey we are on just means that we learn from our mistakes and become more self aware and, in turn, more self assured. We are all in this together and ultimately we are all completely different. So let's not give a shit about what the people are doing around us and make sure we put that energy into our paths.

On tomorrows @positivepeoplepodcast me and Fiona chat about jealousy and lay everything bare about this. We don't hold back! Released Wednesday at 2pm.

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