Positive People Podcast by Amy Holland and Fiona Thomas

Positive People Podcast is a space to explore the notion that overcoming the difficult days can actually have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Hold onto the positive vibes and take time to acknowledge the bad days too. It might just feel good.

We speak to some amazing people that encompass the meaning of a positive person. Most of them have set up a business, built a career or simply have a thought provoking journey to share.

Ep 8- Jealousy and Envy- Why is everyone on the Maldives? This week Amy and Fiona talk about jealousy and envy (did you know there’s a difference?) and how it makes us feel. Come along and hear us fluff up our lines and be interrupted by Amy’s postman.

Ep 7- Sarah Rees, Why do boys always get more Smarties?- Amy talks to Sarah Rees from the Women’s Equality Network and A Mother’s Place. She talks about her journey as a mother, discrimination in the workplace, the gender pay gap and how employers can help women stay in work, earn enough money and raise feminist boys and girls.

Ep 6- Kirsty Hulse, Always put your shoes on- Fiona talks to author and business-owner Kirsty Hulse about the future of freelance and why working from home is the best and the worst thing ever.

Ep 5- Anyone can be an astronaut- manifesting- This week Fiona and Amy delve into the science behind manifesting your goals. We talk a bit about astronauts too.

Ep 4- The anti-coach with Sinead Latham- Fiona talks to fellow Brum Blogger Sinead Latham about being a mum, trying to encourage gender neutrality, letting kids run amuck and the future of business coaching. Come and join us, sorry we ate all the biscuits.

Ep 3- Relentlessly Positive with Hannah Fitt. In this episode Amy speaks to Hannah Fit, the managing director of the Safe Foundation. They talk about acceptance, owning your negative emotions, altruism and so much more!

Ep 2- Amy and Fiona: Is social media making you sick? We are a couple of self-confessed phone addicts. When we are together we compare stats and congratulate each other on engagement, but we think social media is great for your mental health. Kind of.

Ep 1- Amy and Fiona: Is anyone listening? An introduction from the two hosts. Expect nervous laughter and two idiots trying to be professional.