Positive People Podcast by Amy Holland and Fiona Thomas

Positive People Podcast is a space to explore the notion that overcoming the difficult days can actually have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Hold onto the positive vibes and take time to acknowledge the bad days too. It might just feel good.

We speak to some amazing people that encompass the meaning of a positive person. Most of them have set up a business, built a career or simply have a thought provoking journey to share.

Miniside 4- Jo Love

Jo Love talks us though her mental health journey which started in university and came to a head when she became a mum. She talks about postnatal depression, the shame and stigma for parents with mental illness and why she’s so passionate about shedding a light on the topic on social media. She opens up about her chance encounter at her local GP surgery and how she made the decision to take medication after resisting it for many years.

Minisode 3- Faith Mariah

Faith is a blogger and podcaster who has suffered from depression since she was a child. She talks us through her history of alcohol, abusive relationships and how she turned it all around to take control of her life.

Ep18- Bobby Temps- How to manage your mental health at work

Fiona talks to Bobby, host of the Mental Podcast to talk about why ownership of your mental illness can actually be helpful. We explore why it’s OK to approach your employers about asking for help with mental health at work and why employers are scared opening a can of worms on the subject. We mull over what employee benefits will actually help improve mental health and dissect some statistics from a recent wellbeing at work report.

Minisode 2- Chloe Brotheridge

We’ve got a special minisode from hypnotherapist, coach and author Chloe Brotheridge.

She shares her personal journey with anxiety as a teenager and how scary it can feel, especially when those around you don’t really know how to help you.

Minisode 1- Rachael Watson

Business owner Rachael Watson is sharing her personal journey which started with a pivotal moment on a bus when she was just 19. She realised there was a link between her gut and her mind, and was overwhelmed with the thought of becoming physically unwell when out in public. She talks in particular about how her physical health links to her mental well-being and this means she priorities things like eating vegetables and doing regular exercise.

Ep 17- Amelia Goodhead- Dealing with trolls and eating a cockroach on a stick

Amelia aka xameliax has been blogging for ten years. This week she chats to Fiona about body image, applying psychology to working in social media, and why she things schools should be teaching kids about self-employment. We also talk about pushing your creative boundaries on social media, and eating cockroaches in Japan.



Ep 16- Amy & Fiona- How to build resilience and increase your bounce-back ability

This week we’re talking about emotional regulation. How can you improve your bounce-back-ability? We think resilience comes from vulnerability and it’s OK to be an emotional robot some times.

Ep 15- Fiona: Writing about mental illness changed my life- This week Fiona goes solo to talk about how blogging improved her mental illness. Fiona will be sharing thoughts from others in the mental health community, tips on how to get started and why it’s OK to send slightly aggressive emails to yourself.

Author of Depression in a Digital Age


Ep 14- Lucy Nicholls and Antonia Beck: The Death Show-Today Fiona is talking to Antonia and Lucy about death anxiety, the creative process and making a performance out of your biggest fears.

We also uncover Lucy’s dream of being remembered for excellent bin maintenance.

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Ep 13- Ruth Ridgeway and Abbie Walsh: Hailstones and happiness- This week Amy is talking to Ruth Ridgeway and Abbie Walsh about self love and why it's so hard to maintain. From being bullied to setting email boundaries, this is jam packed with inspo to help you feel at your best. 

can actually have a positive impact on your wellbeing. Hold your positive vibes and take time to acknowledge the bad days too. It might just feel good!

Ep 12- Default mode chipper- Fiona talks to the master of career changes Emily aka Never Wears Black. She’s been a recruitment consultant, fashion stylist and now a self-proclaimed Digital Person. We talk about everything from imposter syndrome to success and everything in between.

Ep 11- Take me the beach- Fiona and Amy are talking about what we each do to wind down. From visiting the beach to making a nice brunch, we’ve got a load of ideas that can physically help you chill the fuck out.

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Ep10 Rebecca Storch- Don’t beat yourself up with a carrot. This week Amy is talking to coach Rebecca Storch about how to find peace with food. Expect random chats about pudding ghosts as well as practical tips on maintaining better habits and eating to be happy.

Ep 9- Francesca Perks- Midsize Privilege. Fiona talks to blogger and Instagrammer Francesca Perks about being a midsize influencer, accepting her body shape and overcoming a harmful relationship. Includes a few swear words but also mention of grassy flip flops so it all evens out.

Ep 8- Jealousy and Envy- Why is everyone on the Maldives? This week Amy and Fiona talk about jealousy and envy (did you know there’s a difference?) and how it makes us feel. Come along and hear us fluff up our lines and be interrupted by Amy’s postman.

Ep 7- Sarah Rees, Why do boys always get more Smarties?- Amy talks to Sarah Rees from the Women’s Equality Network and A Mother’s Place. She talks about her journey as a mother, discrimination in the workplace, the gender pay gap and how employers can help women stay in work, earn enough money and raise feminist boys and girls.

Ep 6- Kirsty Hulse, Always put your shoes on- Fiona talks to author and business-owner Kirsty Hulse about the future of freelance and why working from home is the best and the worst thing ever.

Ep 5- Anyone can be an astronaut- manifesting- This week Fiona and Amy delve into the science behind manifesting your goals. We talk a bit about astronauts too.

Ep 4- The anti-coach with Sinead Latham- Fiona talks to fellow Brum Blogger Sinead Latham about being a mum, trying to encourage gender neutrality, letting kids run amuck and the future of business coaching. Come and join us, sorry we ate all the biscuits.

Ep 3- Relentlessly Positive with Hannah Fitt. In this episode Amy speaks to Hannah Fit, the managing director of the Safe Foundation. They talk about acceptance, owning your negative emotions, altruism and so much more!

Ep 2- Amy and Fiona: Is social media making you sick? We are a couple of self-confessed phone addicts. When we are together we compare stats and congratulate each other on engagement, but we think social media is great for your mental health. Kind of.

Ep 1- Amy and Fiona: Is anyone listening? An introduction from the two hosts. Expect nervous laughter and two idiots trying to be professional.