I Can Do This Box

I Can Do This Box

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This box of goodies is to launch the new set of I Can Cards, I Can Do This, which is a set of 25 affirmation cards aiming to motivate, build resilience and to inspire. They offer support and an extra boost to overcome whatever comes your way, and a reminder that you can do this. Which are included in this box!

The box is packed with goodies from our favourite brands and have been selected to give you that extra kick arse approach to your day.

Sadler Jones Luxury Paper Goods, Set of 2 Notebooks.

'Goal Digger' and 'Master Plan' notebooks. We believe that writing is a great resilience tool to that writing is just thinking on paper. These beautifially designed notebooks by the lovely Welsh designer Cath Jones.

Teapigs, Upbeet Tea Bag

A herbal, green tea, vegetable and spice infused tea bag. This blend of beets, spice and hibiscus helps give you extra energy, is fruity and punchy.

Miss Patisserie Bath Melt

Hand made bath melts made with nourishing and reviving ingredients, all cruelty free and vegan friendly. You will get one of the following:

Papaya Tea, Rose, Milk and Honey, Lavender or vanilla.


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